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Enables cross-domain requests to any JSON API.

Very useful for mashup sites - since API calls can be done client-side, no server code is needed. Note that exposing API secret keys in client code is discouraged. Examples in jQuery, though it is not required.


Easier: Cross-domain AJAX (CORS)

(not supported by IE < 10)

Easiest: jQuery Plugin - download

Wrapper function of jQuery.ajax(), which detects browser support and picks the best available transport:

  1. CORS directly
  2. CORS via proxy
  3. JSONP directly
  4. JSONP via proxy

In addition to the options available for jQuery.ajax(), the plugin adds two additional options: corsSupport and jsonpSupport.

Tested against jQuery 1.8.2, though it should be compatible with jQuery 1.5+.


Unfortunately, detection of response errors with JSONP is difficult, at best. jQuery's JSONP implementation won't call an error callback unless an explicit timeout is specified (which the plugin takes care of) - see here for more info and options.

CORS, however, is just normal AJAX! There is also a security advantage, in that it's not possible for a malicious service (including this one) to run arbirtrary JavaScript on your page.